The first social blockchain platform for the distribution of social activity bonuses

  • More than 7 billion potential users.
  • Honest and absolutely transparent distribution of bonuses among all participants of the platform.
  • Global integration into the economy business sector.
  • A platform for an unlimited number of specialized P2P services.
  • Unique system of rewards and mutual settlements.
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0 ETHSoftCap300 ETH

Your personal bank

Instant money transfer system is safe and anonymous

Possibility of storage and accumulation with no fees

Global access to trading sites, automated platforms like bitcoin circuit plattform and services

Problems of economics

All existing models of the modern economy are no longer effective. High interest rates and transfer fees, as well as low speed, hamper the normal development of business and consumer relationships, as well as their accumulative abilities.

Concentration of funds in the same hands breaks the balance and hinders the competitiveness of business, conditioned by old approaches that don’t work in the modern world.

The situation in the world economy is complicated, and social tension only increases. These are clear signs of a long distance from modern social development.

The difficulties of the modern economy and the lack of clear ways to overcome them make development in the direction of blockchain technology very actually.

Existing newest technological developments can solve the problems of the modern economy, but are not willingly accepted by old established systems.

Platform Features

Mass adaptation of the GeoManna platform improves the effectiveness of all relationships between people and business, eliminating any intermediaries from these relationships and making their interactions transparent, safe and profitable.

This solution will be achieved through the creation of a decentralized ecosystem based on the optimized capacity of the blockchain and the organization of peer-to-peer relations between users.

Technological innovations We combine the capabilities of payment systems and will improve the existing model of interaction between the supplier and the consumer.

A number of integrated solutions and methods of contactless instant transfers will exclude fees, which will increase the purchasing power of consumers. The use of fixed cost, ideal for the consumer and corporate sectors of the economy.

The balance of the number of bonuses inside the platform will not be violated and will directly depend on their relevance. In other words, the platform participants themselves encourage the creation of new bonuses by the (PoA) method. More participants, more bonuses.


Our goal

The main goal of creating the GeoManna platform is to provide an opportunity for all participants from different social stratum to receive bonuses to meet basic needs, by further exchanging them for goods and services.

Equal distribution of bonuses among the participants of the platform will reduce the gap between different layers of society and increase the consumption capacity.

The possibility of full control over their funds, as well as the absence of interest rates, the fee and the regulator, will allow breaking out of the banks and other institutions that limit the financial freedom of citizens and businesses.

GeoManna bonuses will be used as a reward for the activity of users, as well as for confirming the exchange of bonuses between participants and act as the main means of relationships within the platform.


Our goal is to create a powerful tool for the social and business sectors of the economy. The users determine the liquidity and relevance of the platform, as well as its continued existence. Mass adaptation of the platform will simplify the interactions between the social and business sectors of the economy, and ease of use and reliability will ensure a constant influx of new users from different fields of activity. A fixed reward in the exchange of bonuses, as well as an honest distribution among the participants, will ensure the stable operation of the platform for many years.


Platform’s integration into the business sector will allow for direct interaction between the consumer and suppliers of goods and services. A fast and reliable system of mutual settlements will strengthen the connection between them. A multi-level lending program for the business sector facilitates the development and implementation of a platform in all areas of human activity. The spread of the platform among ordinary people will increase the purchasing power of users, and the business sector will receive a steady influx of new customers.

Loans and guarantees

The microcredit system will allow platform users to borrow free bonuses from other participants, as well as to provide a loan from their savings. A smart contract will allow you to accumulate free bonuses from the participants of the platform to provide loans, where borrowers for one loan will be not one person and many participants. A pledge of the borrower will be the guarantee for repayment of the loan. An additional guarantor of loan repayment is the insurance budget formed due to deductions for the work of the platform.


The main tool for the platform users is the pocket, working on all types of smartphones. The main functionality of the pocket is the receipt and storage of bonuses, as well as confirmation of transfers between the participants of the platform. The second no less important feature of the pocket is the function of the exchange of bonuses between the participants of the platform. It includes donations and rewards, as well as the possibility of exchanging bonuses for discounts, goods and services from the real economy.


The whole concept of the platform is based on the complete exclusion of commission within the platform. Transfers between participants will be made in full without deduction of transfer fees. This model will create a friendly atmosphere between the participants and increase the trust relationship in relation to the platform itself. It is in our common interest to increase the accumulative capacity of the participants in the platform, which in turn will have a positive impact on its popularization.


Our project is created with the thought of security. Multifactor authorization system will ensure the safe storage of your personal data and bonuses on your devices. System of dual private keys will allow them to be stored on removable media. We will always work to improve the level of platform security systems and our users. Security is our highest priority.


For all

Honest distribution of bonuses between all participants

Absence of fees within the platform

Your smartphone is your personal and reliable bank

Goods, services, loans, charity and much more

Easy to use, intuitive understanding

Anonymous or open transfers by your choice

Microcrediting system between the participants of the platform

For business

Potential users of more than 7 billion

High speed and reliability of transfers

Innovative approach and absolute absence of competitors

Permanent technical development of the platform

Integration into all spheres of human activity

Unique approach and solution of existing market problems

And this is only the beginning


The study of social problems of modern society
The first acquaintance with blockchain technology
Studying the work of the blockchain technology, the possibility of its introduction into the social and business sectors of the economy
The core of the team is formed
Company registration and site creation
The ubiquitous integration of mobile phones has determined the motion vector of the platform
A decision was made to create a platform that unites the social and business sectors of the economy
The idea of creating a social project based on the blockchain technology
Working out strategy for the development and introduction of a platform
Pre-stage of placement of bonuses of social activity pre-ICO
Beginning of the development of a mobile app for the distribution and storage of bonuses
The main stage of placement of social activity bonuses ICO
Mass introduction of the platform into the business sector of the economy
Testing and launching a new decentralized platform, as well as the exchange of bonuses for new ones
The beginning of the development of a new decentralized blockchain platform
Development and introduction of bonuses between participants in the exchange site app as well as exchange for goods and services
Business Lending Program
Full adaptation and implementation of technology in all areas of activity
Creation of the world`s first social bank
By 2021, the number of users of the GeoManna ecosystem will reach 1 billion

In order to improve the quality of the platform, this manual is not mandatory, but only displays the platform motion vector and can be edited and changed as it development, and also based on current realities at the time of fulfillment.

White paper

Distribution of bonuses

  • 60% Marketing
  • 20% Development
  • 10% Referral program and bounty
  • 10% Other operating and additional expenses

Conditions for pre-ICO

The beginning at August 1, 2018

The end at November 1, 2018

Total bonuses issued 100 000 000

Soft Cap 300 ETH

Bonus cost 1ETH = 5000GM

Referral Program

To participate


Denis Vorontsov


Eugene Rohozhnikov


Eugene Ruzanov

Chief Technology Officer

Sophie Bahtina

Social Media Manager

Ivan Gapich

Social Media Strategist



Vitaliy Chebotarev

Bounty Team

Olesia Golod

Animation/Graphic Designer



Welcome to the New World

What is the purpose of the project?

At the moment, most of the crypto assets are concentrated in the hands of their creators, investors and owners of equipment for mining. Our main goal is to give all who want to enjoy this opportunity equally. To do this, we are launching a project to distribute the social activity bonuses of GeoManna (GM), where each participant of the platform will be able to receive them in equal measure thus increasing their consumer capacity. In replacement, the business sector will receive an influx of new customers, a high speed of transfers and a lack of fees, as well as low volatility. All the benefits are obvious.

How much are GM bonuses?

The stage of pre-sales is the most risky for both investors and the project, therefore we offer especially favorable conditions. Buyers are offered benefits in the form of 10% of the bonus value. The cost of one GM bonus on pre-sale will be 0.0002 ETH, which is equal to 0.10$

What are GeoManna social activity bonuses?

We have developed GeoManna GM bonuses in accordance with the ERC20 standard as a temporary solution to use them as a unit of exchange within the platform, opening up the possibility of generating revenue for each user. In the future, we plan to develop and launch a separate blockchain platform that combines all the positive qualities of existing platforms. GM bonuses will serve as a reward for participants to confirm transfers between other participants, as well as for active use of the ecosystem and contribution to its development.

Can bonuses GM be resold?

Bonuses GM are the standard ERC-20 and you can trade and transfer them to wallets that support the ERC-20 standard.We also negotiate with the most popular exchanges including: bitcoinup software,Bitfinex platform,Binance In passing, the mobile app will have a built-in platform for exchange and sale of bonuses.

What is the potential of the project?

At the moment, the project`s growth potential is limited to only 7 billion users. The GeoManna Bonuses will be issued with one bonus per authorized platform member per day, which they can accumulate or exchange among other platform participants, and also use to purchase goods and services or donate to those in need. The GeoManna Bonus is needed by everyone and will be available to everyone!

How to get GM bonuses.

At the start of pre-sales GM bonuses will be exchanged only on Ethereum (ETH). The minimum amount of invested resources during pre-ico: 0,1 ETH. For getting Gm bonuses, you need to:

1. To Open an Account with Ethereum.

We can advise you MetaMask (this is addon of Chrome browser); or MyEtherWallet ( there is no need to download).

The official site:

You can find it here:

Chrome: > Search for: Metamask > Download.

Firefox: >Add to Firefox

Opera: Opera add-ons > Search for: Metamask > Add to Opera.

After setting up of Etherium Wallet, make sure you save a secret key on paper in several places. This is very important, so please be careful.

2. Next step - to add funds to your Ethereum account.

3. To send the money into our Ethereum wallet.

Attention! Don`t send your ETH from wallet of money exchanges or bourses such as: CoinBase, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bitfinex ect. In this case, you will not get our bonuses.

Which national platforms is the project oriented on?

The project is focused on the whole world, there are no restrictions. At the start of the project, all information will be available in the main languages. As the project develops, more languages will be added. Multilanguage and accessibility - promotes global expansion.

How to make an ETH transaction on our wallet.

In Personal Office you can find number of our Ethereum wallet. Send ETH on this number. Below this window there is your profile. You also can see there window of Etherium Wallet and put there a number of your own wallet. Press Update. Smart-contract will automatically counts your ETH and transfer GM bonuses back to you.

What is the purpose of raising funds?

We intentionally installed only softcap in 300 ETH this is the minimum necessary for the project launching. Total amount collected, will determine the scale of the beginning of the development of the project.

The main purpose of raising funds:

1) Marketing company for the main stage of sales-ICO.

2) Development of a mobile pocket app to receive and store bonuses, as well as for exchange between other platform participants and commercial sites.

3) Payment for consultants and experts.

The collected funds after the pre-sales will be distributed:

60% - marketing, PR

20% - development

10% - referral program and bounty

10% - other operating and additional expenses

Will I be able to refund if you don’t reach the fundraising goal?

In the case of not achieving the soft cap, the smart contract provides for the return of your funds to the same addresses from which they was transferred after deducting the transaction costs of the infrastructure of the blockchain.

What are the terms of the pre-sales?

Public pre-sales will start August 1, 2018 and will last until November 1, 2018.

I have transferred funds, but I do not see my bonuses. What`s wrong?

After processing the payment, it may take some time to complete the transaction, and also to update our internal system. Please note that the transaction confirmation time in the Ethereum system depends on the commission fee for the transaction. All purchased bonuses are usually credited to your personal account within a few minutes after the transaction is confirmed. If you do not see the bonuses in your personal cabinet after the standard 24-hour interval, please contact our support directly, through the feedback form in your personal account.

Does the project have a referral program?

Yes, we launched a referral program. To participate, you need to register at In your account, copy the referral link and send it to investors. You will be credited with 10% of the amount purchased by your referrals bonus GM.

What are the features of the GeoManna platform?

  • Search for like-minded people to implement and launch the project around the world.
  • Become part of the platform in a particular branch of the structure.
  • Exchange goods, services and entertainment for bonuses.
  • Integrate your business into a platform and make profit and new customers.
  • Continuous improvement of development and other advanced technologies.
  • To use the wide possibilities of blockchain technology and the industry as a whole!

How the project will help my business?

Business owners will be able to integrate their stores and services into the platform, receiving payment in GM bonuses for the goods and services provided. Users of the GeoManna platform will be able to perform operations in GM bonuses via a mobile app.

How can I help in the development of the project?

At the moment we are looking for marketers and carriers of medium and small language groups.Also we are happy to accept any help from volunteers and charitable organizations. You can contact us through the feedback form in your personal account or through social networks.In the message, specify:

  • What skills do you have?
  • How would you plan to help the project?
  • What ideas do you have and unique experience in developing similar projects?

Be sure to include contacts for feedback from you.

Thank you for your willingness to help the project.

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